Certification Services

MCIA offers certification services for a variety of agricultural products... More

Foundation Services

MCIA offers Foundation Seed, new variety distribution and variety licensing... More

Organic Certification

MCIA is authorized to provide organic certification services to producers, handlers and processors... More

Field Services

MCIA offers an array of on-site inspection, audit and other quality management services for agricultural producers... More

MCIA Annual Meeting

MCIA Annual Meeting was held January 14-15, 2014... More


The Minnesota Crop Improvement Association is dedicated to providing services that enhance the value and improve the marketability of a wide variety of agricultural products.

MCIA offers a full array of quality management services for agricultural producers and processors through our Certification, Field Services, Organic Certification and Foundation Seed programs.

Products certified by MCIA include:
        • Field crop seed
        • Turf grass seed
        • Sod
        • Native plant seeds
        • Noxious weed seed free forage and mulch
        • Identity-preserved grains for specialty grain markets. 

MCIA provides an array of customized field services:
        • Field inspections
        • Seed and grain facility evaluations
        • Third party audit and on-site evaluations.

MCIA is an NOP accredited organic certifier of:
        • Field crops, fruits and vegetables
        • Livestock operations
        • Processed food products.

MCIA produces and distributes Foundation seed of publicly released crop varieties and serves as the marketing agent for varieties developed at the University of Minnesota.