IATP Panel: A Green New Deal for Trade and Migration
Event date: January 08, 2019 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm
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Contact Phone: 612-870-0453

U.S. Trade and Foreign Policy, especially in agriculture, has been a primary driver of migration to the United States from Mexico and Central America. Immigrants are now the backbone of the food production system in the United States. But it also led to the steep decline in U.S. family farms. IATP has been writing and speaking on the connection between trade and migration since our founding, but the intersection is still not widely understood. 

Much is being made by incoming members of Congress of the need for a Green New Deal. What a Green New Deal is, however, is still being developed. Come hear what a Green New Deal could mean for trade and migration and what we can do in 2019 to build momentum for this vision. This panel is co-sponsored by the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, Alianza Americas, and COPAL-MN.

Location: IATP Office, 2105 First Ave S, Minneapolis MN 55404