Foundation Seed Services


The MCIA Foundation Seed Services division facilitates the movement, into the market place, of new crop varieties developed by public plant breeding institutions. The University of Minnesota has breeding programs in turf and forage grasses, wheat, oats, barley, soybeans and wild rice. 


Foundation Seed

Foundation Seed is the initial generation in the seed certification program. MCIA produces and distributes Foundation seed of crop varieties offered as general releases by the University of Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station and other public university plant breeding programs. Foundation seed is sold to MCIA members for the production of Registered and Certified seed.

New Varieties

The MCIA Foundation Seed program annually offers to its eligible members new crop varieties released by the University of Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station and neighboring state universities. These new varieties are increased by MCIA members and are generally available to farmers the following year.

Variety Licensing

MCIA serves as the Licensing Agent for the University of Minnesota for crop varieties that require special effort and marketing expertise in order to reach their maximum potential in the marketplace. The Foundation Seed Services program coordinates licensing activities and works to identify partners best suited to license crop varieties from the University of Minnesota.



Photos courtesy of the University of Minnesota

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