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Academic Delegation from Zimbabwe Tours MCIA Office

Last fall, Iowa State University asked MCIA to host a group of scientists, university professors, and academic administrators from Zimbabwe who were here to learn about technology transfer and germplasm licensing at universities in the United States. MCIA welcomed the delegation to the MCIA Office on October 22, 2022. The visitors numbered 18, including three professors from Iowa State University.

MCIA President/CEO Fawad Shah led the group, explaining the technology transfer process and germplasm licensing, and offered an overview of MCIA’s seed certification programs. As well, he provided a tour of MCIA’s seed laboratory and seed conditioning plant. The visitors showed keen interest, asked in-depth questions, and left the experience with useful information that can be applied to their own systems.

MCIA has been receiving such capacity-building requests on a regular basis. MCIA has proven to be a leader in educating professionals from other nations. Sharing our knowledge base benefits MCIA by increasing the organization’s visibility, domestically and internationally.

MCIA President/CEO Fawad Shah leads a delegation of visitors from Zimbabwe on a tour of the MCIA Office in Saint Paul. Shown here: MCIA’s seed warehouse, conditioning, and cold storage facilities and building entrance. © Minnesota Crop Improvement Association.