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Submitting Samples to the Seed Lab

To ensure that your samples arrive in good condition use a good quality leak-proof bag and quality packaging. For fragile seeds (like soybeans) use a sturdy box and use packing material to keep them from getting bounced around during shipping. You may want to write Fragile on the package.

Foundation Seed and New Variety Information

MN-Torgy Wheat: Invoices will be mailed soon to those who received an alĀ­location of this new variety. Please make full payment immediately.

Seed Available: We are still accepting orders for Foundation seed of barley, oats, soybeans, and wheat. Please include full payment when ordering.

Seed Pickup: Full payment is due before you can pick up your Foundation seed order. Remember to contact your seed distributor ahead of time to make arrangements to pick up seed. Call MCIA for additional information or if you have questions.

Seed Lab Tips

Reminder: To assure timely test results, please remember to include an untreated sample along with your treated corn and soybean seed samples.

FYI: Days Required for Germ Tests

Barley* (no prechill): 7 days
Corn: 7 days
Kentucky bluegrass (no prechill): 21 days
Oats* (no prechill): 10 days
Rye* (no prechill): 7 days
Ryegrass (no prechill): 14 days
Soybeans: 7 days
Wheat* (no prechill): 7 days

*Can be completed at first count if they have reached their max potential.

Now Accepting Foundation Seed Orders

We are currently accepting orders for Foundation Seed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Demand for oat seed is strong and supplies are limited so be sure to order soon. Seed supplies are good for recent release MN-Washburn wheat and other varieties as well. If you are interested in a variety not on our price list, give us a call and we will try to locate it from another state. Payment should be sent with any orders.

New Foundation Seed Varieties in 2020: MN-Torgy Spring Wheat

MN-Torgy (MN14105-7) is hard red spring wheat that combines yield and protein. A medium maturity variety, it has shown strong yield performance in state and regional trials. MN-Torgy has moderate overall disease resistance, with a very good rating for bacterial leaf streak (BLS) and a good fusarium head blight (FHB) rating. It has a good rating for pre-harvest sprouting, above average protein, and good test weight. Seed of the new MN-Torgy wheat variety will be distributed by MCIA through your local County Seed Distribution Committee. Additional information has been mailed to eligible members.