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Chairman’s View

Image by Carlos Gonzalez from Pixabay.

By Brad Barth, MCIA Board Chair

Hello, I hope this writing finds all of you at the tail end of a fantastic crop year. Some quick facts I would like to share with you about Minnesota: Minnesota comprises just short of 87,000 square miles; it totals to 2.25 percent of the land in the United States and is the nation’s 12th largest state. Given the size of our state, one can see why our agriculture system
is widely varied.

Although every agriculture professional in our state has a little different situation and none are the same, there is one constant of the same importance for all—safety. My father lived the last half of his life with only nine fingers, and I lost the vision in one of my eyes for many years due to a nail flying into it. We all know someone, whether it be a relative or a neighbor, who has been injured in a farming accident.

Although these incidences are terrible, we find ourselves looking at the situation and thinking, “It seems like that could have been avoided.” Both accidents in my family would have been avoided if we had the safety protocols in place then that we have now. Simple things like, when climbing something make sure three of your four appendages are gripping something and only move one at a time, (my dad would have had ten fingers to use if he had followed this simple procedure). Wear your safety glasses, period. My situation was totally avoidable and if you come to my farm now you will find safety glasses everywhere.

Please review your safety protocols to make sure they are up to date and train all family members and employees accordingly. Just a simple thing like wearing safety glasses could save you from postponing your wedding, three surgeries, thousands of dollars spent on specialty eyewear, and a phobia of pointy things near your face.

I would also like to take this opportunity to welcome Shauna Ilse, who was recently hired by MCIA’s Organic Services department: I am sure you will find working with the members and staff of MCIA to be rewarding!

I hope that 2022 has been good to MCIA’s members and will continue to be safe and prosperous for all.