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Field Inspection Application: Completion Tips


MCIA is in the process of mailing out field inspection application packets to members enrolled in our field inspection programs. A friendly reminder to applicants—please be sure to include the following items:

  1. Enclose payment. Review fee schedule to determine fees.
  2. Enclose proof of seed source with application (as noted below).
  3. Include field maps (complete and accurate).
  4. Enclose new variety descriptions if applicable.
  5. Sign and return completed application by due date (see below).

Application forms and instructions are also available on the Client Resources page, under Certification Services. If you have questions, contact your field supervisor or the MCIA office.


To avoid late fees, please note these dates:

  • June 7: Small grains, corn, and sunflowers
  • June 7 or 3 weeks after planting (whichever is first): Soybean post spray inspections
  • June 7: Soybean bloom inspections
  • 4 weeks prior to each cutting: Noxious weed seed–free forage and mulch
  • July 15: Soybeans (pre-harvest inspection only)
  • Year of seeding: Perennials and native grasses and forbs

Proof of Seed Source

Applicants for seed certification must provide proof that eligible seed was used to plant seed production fields. Submit the Foundation or Registered seed tag or bulk certificate as your proof of seed source. If you have questions regarding eligibility for certification contact your field supervisor or the MCIA office.