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Field Inspection Before Harvest

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We remind growers of small grain seed to have your fields inspected before you harvest! If you do not have a field inspection report, contact your MCIA field supervi­sor. Do not harvest unless you are sure your field has been inspected. We can still accept applications for small grain field inspections. If you need to add a field, contact the MCIA office or your field supervisor.

 Adding Certified Seed Acres

Dry weather conditions may affect seed production locally and regionally. MCIA members can still request inspection for eligible fields. Growers that want to add certified seed acres may apply at any time prior to harvest or within the inspection window. Note that late fees will be charged for late applications.

Growers may also carryover all certified seed classes; this includes conditioned and unconditioned seed. For conditioned seed that has previously been tested, a new germination test would be needed prior to selling. For unconditioned carryover seed, standard testing would be needed after conditioning has been completed. Growers with carryover seed can be listed in the 2022 MCIA Directory (see post below).