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MCIA Seed Laboratory Achieves USDA Accreditation

We’re proud to announce that MCIA’s Seed Laboratory is now accredited by the USDA Accredited Seed Laboratory (ASL) program. Gaining ASL accreditation highlights the accuracy, quality, and reliability of test reports and other quality- and compliance-related services offered by MCIA. Successful completion of the rigorous ASL accreditation program is yet another milestone attained by MCIA over the course of our 117-year history.

The development and implementation of a comprehensive Quality Management System was crucial to the Seed Laboratory’s accreditation. “USDA ASL accreditation is the result of months of hard work by our staff and demonstrates our continued commitment to delivering the highest quality services to customers,” said MCIA President and Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Fawad Shah. “This value-added benefit expands business opportunities for our customers and elevates MCIA’s standing as one of the premier seed certification agencies in the nation.”

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