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Partnership for Local and Regional Markets Conducts Producer Survey

The Statewide Cooperative Partnership for Local and Regional Markets asks all Minnesota farmers selling at least $500 in annual sales of local ag products to fill out their producer survey by May 31, 2022.

Purpose of the Survey

Collecting this data will help the Partnership:

  • Supplement the USDA Agricultural Census with data about farmers and markets not fully represented in the Ag Census.
  • Support the development of data-informed programs and services for small and mid-sized farms, including emerging farmers. Data from this survey will serve as a foundation for the creation of a Minnesota Grown strategic plan to re-envision this important state promotional program for farmers selling in Minnesota.
  • Strengthen recommendations to the state legislature that support historically under-represented and under-supported farmers.

How to Participate

You can respond to the survey through this link: To request a paper copy, please contact Casey at

Farmers can choose between a long or short version. The long survey takes less than 30 minutes to complete. Only one response per farm is allowed and compensation is available. Farm name, contact and location information is classified as private and not made public, though aggregate data will be made available.


Background: Starting in 2020, the Minnesota Department of Agriculture joined with the University of Minnesota on the Statewide Cooperative Partnership for Local and Regional Markets with funding from the USDA Federal State Marketing Improvement Program. Currently, the Partnership is a group of 40+ organizations that provide input on the diverse experiences of small- and mid-sized producers, retailers, and consumers across the state.