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Seed Laboratory Reminders

Image by markusspiske from Pixabay.

As we begin a new testing season, here are some important reminders to Seed Laboratory clients:

  • Your sample must be representative of your seed lot. The test results we obtain are a direct reflection of the sample that you provide.
  • Storing your sample prior to submission: Keep samples in a closed container in a clean, dry location, away from excessive heat.
  • Shipping samples: Package your sample properly to minimize damage and to prevent spillage during transit.
  • Include a completed Sampling Report and other relevant documentation for each sample you submit. Missing information may cause delays in MCIA’s ability to perform testing and provide final certification.

If you have any questions, please contact Seed Laboratory Manager, Chase Mowry, at

Selling Seed Out-of-State?

Are you selling your seed into another state? If so, an All State Noxious Exam is needed. You can request the All State Noxious test on the Sampling Report when you submit your sample.

If you have further questions, please contact the MCIA Seed Laboratory or your field supervisor.