ASTA Forage, Turf, and Conservation Seed Conference

ASTA’s Turf and Conservation Seed Conference is held in conjunction with the Western Seed Association’s Annual Meeting each year in Kansas City, Missouri. The ASTA programming typically includes meetings on cover crops, environmental and conservation seed, sorghum seed, and topics of interest to grass, turf, forage, conservation and cotton seed companies. Join us this November!

Regenerative Systems Workshop

Land Stewardship Project—Regenerative Systems Peer-to-Peer Workshop: Hear the latest insights in presentations from 3 of the region’s leading regenerative farmers – Tom Cotter, Martin, Larsen and Tom Finnegan – in this motivational day led by farmers, for farmers, as they tackle successful approaches to plants, animals and machinery for regenerative system success within diverse sets of variables.

Field Services Update

Photo by Darkmoon_Art from Pixabay.

By Kris Folland, Field Services Manager

As of June 1, it is no secret that spring is still “here” in many parts of the state. With planting delayed, MCIA is also here—to serve our members. If you have any changes or questions about inspection or certification, please contact your MCIA field supervisor or the MCIA office.

As noted earlier in Propagation, Keith Marti recently joined the Field Services staff, filling our District 3 field supervisor position. Keith is a great addition to our staff! He already has boots on the ground, is conducting field inspections, and meeting MCIA’s members in southeast Minnesota.

As we know, summer will quickly transition to fall. So, remember that cover crops and anything planted as seed must follow all provisions of Plant Variety Protection, Minnesota Seed Law, and technology agreements. MCIA members with certified seed that is available for cover crop use may have opportunities for more sales this year.

The entire Field Services staff wishes you a safe and bountiful crop year. Remember, if you have questions give us a call, otherwise, we look forward to seeing you in the field this growing season!

Marbleseed On-farm Field Day

Cover Crops and Vegetable Production on an Incubator Farm: Come and visit Kilimo Minnesota, a three-to-five-year training program that is uniquely situated to give emerging farmers an opportunity to learn vegetable growing techniques and business skills in a new climate, country, and culture. Field day attendees will learn and connect with emerging farmers, walk through their many ¼-acre to 1-acre plots of vegetables, and learn about different cultural crops grown alongside the Minnesota crops. This field day is supported by funds from NCR SARE.