Fee Schedule Changes for 2021

Image by Сергей Игнацевич from Pixabay.

MCIA members are advised of the following changes to program fee schedules, effective June 1, 2021:

  • Forage and Mulch: Shipping costs (USPS Priority, UPS, etc.) for certification tags
  • Native Seed: Field inspection fee revisions
  • QA and FI: Shipping costs (USPS Priority, UPS, FedEx) for QA tags, sample bags, and Sampling Report books
  • Seed Certification: Reporting fee revisions, shipping costs (USPS Priority, UPS, etc.) for certification tags, bulk certificates, sample bags, and Sampling Reports books
  • Sod: Added minimum fee on final fees

Fee schedules will be included in the field inspection application mailings sent to MCIA members. Current fee schedules specific to each program are also available on the Client Resources page of the MCIA website.