AOSCA Honors MCIA with Three Awards

Roger Wippler, Fawad Shah, and Jody Prudhomme holding, respectively, Hon- orary Member, Excellence in Innovation, and Certificate of Service awards. Photo: MCIA.

At AOSCA’s 2023 Annual Meeting, held in Bloomington, Minnesota Crop Improvement Association was recognized in a big way. AOSCA established a new award to recognize its members for their service in the seed certification space. One of the inaugural recipients of that award is MCIA’s very own Administrative and Certification Manager Jody Prudhomme. She was awarded a Certificate of Service, “in recognition of twenty-five years of dedicated service, loyalty, and commitment to AOSCA and the seed industry.” Jody’s knowledge, experience, and ability to work with colleagues and clients is exemplary. She has a great track record for ensuring the integrity of seed certification standards across the board, for all crops certified by MCIA.

In addition, AOSCA established the Excellence in Innovation Award. The criteria for consideration included, a) Use a novel approach to meet a challenge in the seed industry, b) Develop a unique way to enhance an AOSCA program, c) Implement a new technique with an AOSCA Program, and d) Foster growth of seed certification or a related program. MCIA is the first recipient of this prestigious award. The recognition is a testament to MCIA’s diverse array of seed certification and third-party inspection and audit services, as well as its Capacity Building Initiative, which educates and trains seed professionals in other nations. MCIA staff also teach an undergraduate class through the University of Minnesota’s Department of Agronomy and Plant Genetics. No other agency offers such formal education.

Furthermore, AOSCA recognized MCIA Foundation Seed Services Manager Roger Wippler with its Honorary Member award. Roger’s whole family joined him upon the receipt of this award, which was a complete surprise to him. About four years ago, Roger’s spouse and then MCIA General Manager, Cindy Wippler, was recognized as an AOSCA Honorary Member for her service to seed certifying agencies, a first in the history of AOSCA for a woman. With nearly seven decades of dedicated service to seed certification between them, Cindy and Roger Wippler truly deserve the recognition.

Besides the honor and joy of hosting the event, these awards made this year’s AOSCA Annual Meeting the most memorable in the history of MCIA.