Barth, Ehlke, Kapphahn, and Larsen Elected to MCIA Board of Directors

The 2022 MCIA Annual Meeting, which was held today, January 12, 2022, included an election to fill four seats on the MCIA Board of Directors. Members re-elected incumbent board member Brad Barth (Category A, District 1); he has served as the board’s chair for the last year. Members also elected new board member John Kapphahn (Category A, District 2) to a 3-year term. Jason Larsen was elected to fill the board seat (Category A, District 3) formerly occupied by Nat Forster, who, after completing four years of service, is unable to complete his second term on the board. Jason Larsen’s term of office will therefore be two years. Members also ratified Nancy Ehlke’s nomination to the board for an additional 1-year term (Category B, University of Minnesota). Nancy Ehlke was nominated for the position by Brian Buhr, Director of the Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station.