Marbleseed On-farm Field Day

Pollinator Habitat in Apple Orchards: Join pollinator biologist Sarah Foltz Jordan of the Xerces Society, and farmers Jim & Debbie Morrison of Sapsucker Farm for a buzz-worthy field day focused on pollinator habitat in an orchard setting. Tour the farm from the perspective of a bumble bee, looking at foraging & nesting resources, protection from pesticides, and the many innovative habitat strategies that Sapsucker Farm has employed.

MOSES Organic Field Day: Silvopasture

Silvopasture for Livestock & Pollinators

Join MOSES for a silvopasture-pollinator field day at Mary Dirty Face Farm, co-hosted with the Xerces Society. A silviculture expert from the Savanna Institute will evaluate recently planted tree strips and talk about species selection, installation, and weed management. Farm host Rachel Henderson and Xerces pollinator specialist Sarah Foltz Jordan will discuss habitat value both in terms of forage/shade for livestock and food/nesting for pollinators, especially specialist bees, butterflies, and moths that require certain tree and shrub species to survive.