Agronomic Standards and Seed Certification Handbook Updated

We encourage MCIA members who participate in our seed certification programs to download the recently updated Agronomic Seed Certification Standards and Seed Certification Handbook. Note that Festulolium and hybrid rye standards have been approved by the MCIA Board of Directors. Revisions to hemp and sod quality seed standards were also approved. Other key changes include, but are not limited to, reformatting standards for consistency, merging information into one document, and clarifying requirements on interagency certification.

These and other MCIA documents can be accessed via the Client Resources page of this website. You’ll find Seed Certification Program documents listed there under the Certification Services header.

If you have questions about the changes or if you would like to request printed copies of the Standards or Handbook, please contact the MCIA office at or call 800-510-6242.