NWROC Crops & Soils Day

Morning small grains program. Speakers include: Dr. Lindsay Pease: Performance of NWROC’s New Subsurface Drainage Installation; Dr. Ruth Dill-Macky: Diseases of Small Grains; Dr. Angie Peltier: Planting Green Along the Red: The effects of tillage, rye seeding rate, and termination timing on soybean; Dr. Brian Steffenson: A Walk on the Wild Side: Exploiting Wild Relatives to Enhance Disease Resistance in Wheat and Barley; Dr. James Anderson: Wheat Breeding Variety Update; Dr. Kevin Smith: Barley Breeding Research Update; Dr. Ian MacRae: Insect Research, 2022; Jonathan Wenger: Breeding drug-free industrial hemp for fiber production in Minnesota and the Dakotas.

Complimentary lunch at noon.

Afternoon sugarbeet program. Speakers include: Dr. Ashok Chanda: Management of Major Sugarbeet Diseases; Dr. Thomas Peters: Sugarbeet Tolerance with Ultra Blazer in Sugarbeet; Dr. Lindsay Pease: Interseeding Cover Crops into Sugarbeets.