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Approved Facilities

Directory of Approved Seed Conditioning Plants and Approved Bulk Seed Handlers [pdf]

Certified Seed

Certified Seed Directory [pdf]
2022 Winter Grains Directory [pdf]

Foundation Seed

Price List: Varieties for Planting [pdf]
Foundation Seed Order Form [pdf]

MnDOT Seed Vendors

Approved MnDOT Seed Vendors [pdf]

Native Seed

Native Seed Directory [pdf]

Noxious Weed Seed-free Forage and Mulch

Certified Noxious Weed Seed–free Forage & Mulch Availability (producer survey results) [pdf]
Noxious Weed Seed–free Forage and Mulch Directory [pdf]

Organic Operations

Seed Sellers & Seed Conditioners Certified Organic through MCIA [pdf]
Handlers and Producers Certified Organic by MCIA: USDA NOP Organic Integrity Database [USDA website]

Quality Assured Seed

Quality Assured Seed Directory [pdf]

Quality Assured Sod

Quality Assured Sod Directory [pdf]

All Services and Programs

MCIA Directory [pdf]